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The Sacramento International Airport (SMF) has done many things to be more green, including the conversion to LED lighting on the roadways, in parking lots, and in the garage. The new LEDs improve visibility and saved 3.1 million kWh every year – enough to power 463 homes. Sacramento Business Environmental Resource Center has certified Sacramento International Airport as a Sustainable Business in Energy Conservation but also in its other five categories: Water Conservation, Pollution Prevention, Solid Waste Reduction, Green Building and Transportation/Air Quality.

Infographic Poster: Sustainability at SMF

Sustainability Projects

Terminal B Modernization Project Federal Stimulus Act

The Terminal B modernization project has the capability to accommodate 16 million passengers and includes the new 740,000 sq. ft. Terminal B, 19-gate airside concourse that is 316,000 sq. ft., a landside terminal totaling 424,000 sq. ft. and more than 42,000 sq. ft. of concessions. LEED Silver certified, the sustainable design features include the use of natural day-lighting through energy efficient low-emissivity (low-E) glass to minimize heat transfer, expansive glass curtainwalls with integrated devices that create shade, and the use of recycled materials in the building structure, floor and ceiling finishes. As well as practices that incorporate natural ventilation, low-flow fixtures, maximize open spaces, protect habitat, control light pollution and use of regionally available materials.

Green Demolition of the Old Terminal B

Green Demolition of the Old Terminal BDemolition of the old Terminal B made way for overnight airplane parking. In keeping with environmental stewardship, for the demolition, the airport recycled wire, copper piping, glass, concrete, steel and even old electrical panels for replacement parts in case of future need.

Federal Stimulus ActProjects with this symbol were paid in part or in full with the 2009 Recovery and
Reinvestment Act Stimulus Grant Funding.Sacramento International Airport - Terminal B


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